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Learn SQL for Beginners: The Comprehensive Hands-on Bootcamp – 100% Free

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Learn SQL for Beginners: The Comprehensive Hands-on Bootcamp – 100% Free

πŸ“– Overview:

Master Database Theory & Application Using PostgreSQL – Preparation for Employment as a SQL Developer

👨‍🏫 Course Author:

Todd McLeod, Daniel Hoffmann

πŸ“š Requirements:

  • No prerequisite knowledge is required to take this course. This course starts at the very beginning and will teach you everything you need to know to be an outstanding SQL developer.

πŸ€“ What You will Learn:

  • The ultimate comprehensive course
  • From beginning to advanced concepts
  • Acquire the skills necessary to work with SQL and to work as a SQL developer
  • Learn the fundamentals of databases, database architecture, and relationships
  • Master the nuances of SQL commands including multiple table joins
  • Gain the ability to use SQL at the terminal and in code editors
  • Taught by a university professor
  • Exclusive access to valuable code base
  • Hands-on exercises with solutions
  • Over 2.65 Million students taught
  • Lifetime course access
  • Learn at your own pace
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Never expires – lifetime access – forever!
  • This course is tried, tested, and proven
  • Mobile friendly

πŸ“ƒ Description:

Understanding relational databases is an essential skill for all developers.

Learning databases and database theory can be easy if you have the right teacher.

This university level course will give you a solid understanding of how databases work and how to use them. In the course, we will be using PostgreSQL which is one of the top two databases most demanded in industry.

This course will advance your skills as a developer.

This course is very practical and applicable. It focuses on teaching you skills you can use.

Presented with high-quality video lectures, this course will visually show you many great things about relational databases and PostgreSQL. This course is taught by two teachers. One of your teachers is a tenured professor in California. Your other teacher is a Professional Developer. Both of these teachers will be on screen, sharing their wisdom and knowledge with you.

This is just some of what you will learn in this course:

  • Learn to succeed as a student

  • Master database fundamentals

  • Build a database for tracking movie rentals

  • Understand schema, data hierarchy, and normalization

  • Learn validation, data integrity, and ACID transactions

  • Master using key fields and ensuring referential integrity

  • Learn how to do SQL commands at the terminal and in code editors

  • Solidify concepts with abundant hands on exercises which also have video solutions provided

  • Acquire the ability to read PostgreSQL database documentation

  • Learn how to install PostgreSQL on Windows, Linux, and Mac

  • Master building databases, tables, and relationships between tables

  • Master creating, reading, updating, inserting, and deleting records

  • Gain the ability to do subqueries and aggregate functions

  • Master using grouping, having, limit, fetch, and offset

  • Learn how to use JSON inside SQL using PostgreSQL

  • Master joins to query multiple sets

  • Master filtering records in queries

  • MASTER SQL & PostgreSQL!

This is an amazing course! This course will change your life. Being skilled at using relational databases and SQL will serve you and your career well. This course will increase your proficiency, productivity, and power as a programmer. You are going to love this course and it will forever change your life.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed with this course.

Join us now and enroll!

πŸ‘₯ Who this course is for?

  • This is a first semester university level SQL database course.
  • This course is ideal for beginners wanting to learn databases & SQL programming.

Enroll now in the Course to get

πŸ… Certificate of Completion
πŸ“Ή 18 hours on-demand video
πŸ”½ 0 Downloadable Resources
πŸ“… Full lifetime access to the course

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