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The Complete Digital Marketing Course for Local Businesses – 100% Free

Coupon Added/Updated On June 28, 2020
The Complete Digital Marketing Course for Local Businesses – 100% Free


MASTER GUIDE TO BOOSTING YOUR LOCAL BUSINESS – Find ready-to-spend customers with The Complete Digital Marketing Course.



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  • ✑ Your computer or smartphone and an internet connection. NO OTHER EQUIPMENT IS REQUIRED.
  • ✑ Hunger to learn and achieve success.
  • ✑ Willingness to apply the knowledge you learn.
  • ✑ NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE OF FACEBOOK ADS OR FACEBOOK MARKETING NECESSARY. This course is suitable for all levels of experience.
  • ✑ NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE OF LOCAL DIGITAL MARKETING NEEDED. The course structure has been specifically designed to take you from beginner to pro.
  • ✑ NO OTHER LOCAL MARKETING COURSES REQUIRED. This is everything you need to become proficient at Local Digital Marketing, so you can boost your business, and unlock unlimited sales.



  • ✑ WIN AT LOCAL DIGITAL MARKETING – Reel in PERFECT CUSTOMERS and beat the competition in your area with techniques from an award-winning Facebook Ad Strategist.
  • ✑ COMPLETE DIGITAL MARKETING GUIDE FOR LOCAL BUSINESS – Get found by people in your area, with smart online techniques that put you at the TOP OF SEARCH RESULTS.
  • ✑ NICHE GUIDE TO LOCAL SEO & Google My Business – The insider knowledge you need to know to REACH MANY MORE CUSTOMERS IN YOUR AREA – using the power of Facebook, Google, and the web.
  • ✑ COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO SEO – Learn the ins and outs of Modern SEO including On-Page SEO, Keywords, Technical SEO, Link building & how to use the Google Search Console.
  • ✑ WALKTHROUGH GUIDE TO MOBILE SEO & VOICE SEARCH – Use the power of mobile and voice search to update your marketing techniques and create a cutting-edge online approach.
  • ✑ WALKTHROUGH WEBSITE CREATION TUTORIAL – Learn how to create a pro-looking website in minutes – FOR FREE – using just your smartphone!
  • ✑ MASTER GUIDE TO COPYWRITING – Create CONTENT THAT DRIVES CONVERSIONS like a pro with these power tips and techniques.
  • ✑ EXCLUSIVE FACEBOOK ADS POWER GUIDE – Everything you need to choose and use the right Facebook ad to achieve your aims – cutting edge techniques that are constantly updated.
  • ✑ LEARN FROM YOUR RIVALS with Facebook Ads Analysis – Discover what the competition is doing right and use the same techniques to benefit your brand.
  • ✑ TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR ONLINE REPUTATION – Use Facebook, your blog, and your website to build a positive presence that encourage customers to purchase.
  • ✑ COMPLETE GUIDE TO FACEBOOK BUSINESS MANAGER – Learn how to use this comprehensive tool to organise and analyse your digital marketing and Facebook Ads.
  • ✑ SAVE MONEY WITH FACEBOOK ADS OBJECTIVES – Slash your budget by defining your goals and hone your marketing and Facebook ads to reach them.
  • ✑ EASY WALKTHROUGH TO SETTING UP THE FACEBOOK PIXEL – Avoid the most common mistakes people make and expand your marketing power with this essential tool.
  • ✑ USE FACEBOOK PIXEL EVENTS to SUPERCHARGE YOUR MARKETING – Streamline your sales and save time.
  • ✑ MASTER GUIDE TO FACEBOOK REACH ADS (LOCAL ADS) – Take advantage of your territory with these effective techniques to find local customers.
  • ✑ FACEBOOK TRAFFIC ADS ESSENTIAL GUIDE – What you need to know to rocket boost your traffic and push unlimited streams of traffic to your website.
  • ✑ 24/7 MARKETING WITH FACEBOOK MESSENGER ADS & CHATBOTS –Use the power of Messenger & Chatbots to smartly automate your marketing.
  • ✑ EFFECTIVE NEWSLETTER & EMAIL MARKETING STRATEGIES – Send mailouts that get opened and create persuasive content that retains subscribers and achieves your marketing objectives.
  • ✑ POWERFUL PRESS RELEASE & BRANDING TECHNIQUES – Hone your approach so the right people to sit up and take notice of your brand.
  • ✑ PROFESSIONAL VIDEO PRODUCTION GUIDE – Produce high level video content that attracts 1000’s of views, subscribes, & shares.
  • ✑ NICHE PROVEN & TESTED KNOWLEDGE THAT WILL TURN YOU INTO A LOCAL MARKETING PRO – This is the ONLY Local Digital Marketing course currently on the market that’s so effective and so comprehensive!



  • ✑ Local businesses – B2B & B2C
  • ✑ Digital Marketers
  • ✑ Solo Start-ups and Entrepreneurs
  • ✑ Content creators
  • ✑ Facebook Marketing Consultants
  • ✑ Facebook Ads Consultants
  • ✑ Advertisers & Creatives
  • ✑ Website Owners & Website Admins
  • ✑ Real Estate Agents
  • ✑ Job seekers
  • ✑ SEO help seekers
  • ✑ Anyone who wants to upskill their local digital marketing & SEO knowledge
  • ✑ Anyone who wants to upgrade their Facebook Ads knowledge



🏅 Certificate of Completion
📹 45.5 hours on-demand video
📅 Full lifetime access to the course


💰 COURSE PRICE: $0 $19.99

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