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Cyber Security Extreme Test Preparation – 100% Free

Coupon Added/Updated On May 27, 2020
Cyber Security Extreme Test Preparation – 100% Free

📖 Overview:

Website Security, Mobile Phone Security , Network Security , IOT Testing,Cyber Forensics

👨‍🏫 Course Author:

Akash Ranjan Patel

📚 Requirements:

  • Basic Knowledge Computer
  • Curiosity To Learn Hacking

🤓 What You will Learn:

📃 Description:

  • Website Security :- Web application security is a branch of information security that deals specifically with security of websites, web applications and web services.

  • Mobile Phone Security :-Mobile device security refers to the measures taken to protect sensitive data stored on portable devices. It is also the ability to prevent unauthorized users from using mobile devices to access the enterprise network.

  • Network Security :-Network security consists of the policies and practices adopted to prevent and monitor unauthorized access, misuse, modification, or denial of a computer network and network-accessible resources.

  • IOT Security :- IoT security is the technology area concerned with safeguarding connected devices and networks in the internet of things (IoT). … Allowing devices to connect to the internet opens them up to a number of serious vulnerabilities if they are not properly protected.

  • Cyber Forensics :-Computer forensics is a branch of digital forensic science pertaining to evidence found in computers and digital storage media

👥 Who this course is for?

  • Cyber Security Analist
  • Network Admistrator
  • VAPT Auditor
  • Cyber Forensic Teams

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