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How to communicate better at work – 100% Free

Coupon Added/Updated On May 29, 2020
How to communicate better at work – 100% Free

📖 Overview:

Set up every work conversation for success in the first 60 seconds

👨‍🏫 Course Author:

Christopher Fenning

📚 Requirements:

  • A basic understanding of written and spoken English

🤓 What You will Learn:

  • How to start any work conversation clearly and with confidence
  • How to frame a topic so the audience understands the context
  • How to summarize your message so your audience is never confused
  • How to improve the clarity and efficiency of any meeting or work discussion
  • How to save time when communicating almost anything

📃 Description:

This course focuses on improving the most important part of any work conversation: The First Minute.

This course is not a general ‘how to communicate’ course, there are plenty of those already available online.

99% of all business communication does not involve public speaking or giving presentations, it happens in conversations, meetings and emails. This course teaches you how to start those work conversation clearly, how to summarize any topic in three lines, and how to make sure you’re your audience receives your message and knows what you want them to do next.

What you’ll get out of this course?

  • You will immediately be able to improve the clarity and efficiency of any meeting or work-based discussion.

  • The result will be less confusion, fewer misunderstandings and greater clarity when communicating

  • You will have more confidence when communicating because you will know you are delivering a clear and concise message

  • Above all, these techniques will save you time when communicating almost anything. And if there is one thing we would like more of but cannot buy, it is time!

This may seem like a bold claim, that the first minute of any meeting or discussion can have such significant impacts, but by the end of this course I am confident that you will agree with me.

In this course:

  • You will learn how to orientate your audience to get them in the right place to hear your message and how to frame the topic you will be talking about so the audience understands the context

  • You will learn how to apply a simple structure that can summarize your message so your audience is never confused.

  • We will cover lots of examples to provide context from multiple situations and industries

👥 Who this course is for?

  • Anyone who wants to be a better communicator in the first minute of any work conversation
  • People with English as a second language working in English speaking jobs
  • Students wanting to become good communicators before entering the workforce
  • Anyone feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information in other communication courses
  • People who like lots of examples from different situations and industries
  • Technical professionals wanting to improve their communication with non-technical stakeholders

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