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Marketing in 2020- 81 Hours HD Video – 100% Free

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Marketing in 2020- 81 Hours HD Video – 100% Free

📖 Overview:

Top University Professor

👨‍🏫 Course Author:

JADA eLearning

📚 Requirements:

  • beginners and advanced leveles also welcome

🤓 What You will Learn:

  • Services Marketing : Integrating People, Technology, Strategy
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Integrated Marketing Management
  • Global Marketing Management
  • :Marketing Research and Analysis-II
  • Soft Skills For Business Negotiations And Marketing Strategies
  • Marketing research and analysis
  • :Services Marketing: A Practical Approach
  • :Marketing Management – II
  • Services Marketing
  • Strategic Marketing – Contemporary Issues

📃 Description:

Welcome to this course on Services Marketing, I am the Zillur Rahman, professor in the

Department of Management Studies at IIT, Roorkee. Across this course, we will give a

special emphasis on Integrating People, Technology and Strategy. Let me explain you why

this is important? As you know that competition is changing every day it is becoming more

intense and your competitors are coming with newer technologies.

Now, companies they have to skill their employees in this new technologies. The employees

have to unlearn the older skills and learn new skills. Companies at the same time have to

educate the customers in using those technology and to educate and make them aware of how

these new technologies are going to benefit them.

Now, with all these changes, changes happening in the environment, companies also have to

then, take these changes into consideration and incorporate them in their strategy. So, that

they remain relevant to the customers as well as employees. So, this is the uniqueness of this

course that also this course we will be talking about how to go about integrating technologies

people and a strategy.


This course is divided into five sections and it has 40 modules. These are those 40 modules

the five sections are. In the first section that is ended understanding service products,


consumers and market is spread across 8 modules. The second section that is on applying the

4 Ps of marketing to services, it spread from module 9 to 19. The third section is on managing

the customer interface that will that will cover module 20 to 29.

The fourth module has will, will be talking about developing customer relationship that

spreads from the module 30 to 35 and in the last we will be talking about, in the fifth section

is striving for service excellence, this covers module 36 to 40. Now, let us start with the first

section that is understanding service products, consumers and market. In the first three

module, that is Module 1, 2 and through 3, we will be talking about new perspective on

marketing in the service economy.


For, so therefore, for designing and managing of this customer interface, meeting the

customers delivering the service to the customers. So, for this the important thing is the

additional 3 ‘P’s of service marketing, then developing customer relationships and is striving

for service excellence.


To conclude in this module we have started with the components of the traditional place and

promotion and extended marketing mix as apply to services. Next week moved on and

emphasized on how integrating various functional areas can help in catering to the needs of

service customers in a better way. Then we learned about the concept of service profit chain.

Finally, we touched upon how to develop effective services marketing strategies.



👥 Who this course is for?

  • desire to learn


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