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Master Discrete Math 2020: Complete Basic-To-Advanced Course – 100% Free

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Master Discrete Math 2020: Complete Basic-To-Advanced Course – 100% Free

📖 Overview:

Learn Discrete Mathematics In This Course: 300+ Lectures/Quizzes And 30 Assignments With 500+ Questions & Solutions

👨‍🏫 Course Author:

Kody Amour

📚 Requirements:

  • You should be comfortable with high school algebra
  • Be ready to learn an insane amount of awesome stuff
  • Prepare to succeed in any college level discrete math course
  • Brace yourself for tons of content

🤓 What You will Learn:

  • Analyze and interpret the truth value of statements by identifying logical connectives, quantification and the truth value of each atomic component
  • Distinguish between various set theory notations and apply set theory concepts to construct new sets from old ones
  • Interpret functions from the perspective of set theory and differentiate between injective, surjective and bijective functions
  • Construct new relations, including equivalence relations and partial orderings
  • Apply the additive and multiplicative principles to count disorganized sets effectively and efficiently
  • Synthesize counting techniques developed from counting bit strings, lattice paths and binomial coefficients
  • Formulate counting techniques to approach complex counting problems using both permutations and combinations
  • Prove certain formulas are true using special combinatorial proofs and complex counting techniques involving stars and bars
  • Connect between complex counting problems and counting functions with certain properties
  • Develop recurrence relations and closed formulas for various sequences
  • Explain various relationships and properties involving arithmetic and geometric sequences
  • Solve many recurrence relations using polynomial fitting
  • Utilize the characteristic polynomial to solve challenging recurrence relations
  • Master mathematical induction and strong induction to prove sophisticated statements involving natural numbers by working through dozens of examples
  • Use truth tables and Boolean Algebra to determine the truth value of complex molecular statements
  • Apply various proving techniques, including direct proofs, proof by contrapositive and proof by contradiction to prove various mathematical statements
  • Analyze various graphs using new definitions from graph theory
  • Discover many various properties and algorithms involving trees in graph theory
  • Determine various properties of planar graphs using Euler’s Formula
  • Categorize different types of graphs based on various coloring schemes
  • Create various properties of Euler paths and circuits and Hamiltonian paths and cycles
  • Apply concepts from graph theory, including properties of bipartite graphs and matching problems
  • Use generating functions to easily solve extremely sophisticated recurrence relations
  • Develop a deep understanding of number theory which involve patterns in the natural numbers

📃 Description:


This 461-lesson course includes video and text explanations of everything from Discrete Math, and it includes 150 quizzes (with solutions!) after each lecture to check your understanding and an additional 30 workbooks with 500+ extra practice problems (also with solutions to every problem!), to help you test your understanding along the way.

This is the most comprehensive, yet straight-forward, course for Discrete Mathematics on Udemy! Whether you have never been great at mathematics, or you want to learn about the advanced features of Discrete Math, this course is for you! In this course we will teach you Discrete Mathematics.

Master Discrete Math 2020 is organized into the following 24 sections:

  • Mathematical Statements

  • Set Theory

  • Functions And Function Notation

  • Relations

  • Additive And Multiplicative Principles

  • Binomial Coefficients

  • Combinations And Permutations

  • Combinatorial Proofs

  • Advanced Counting Using The Principle Of Inclusion And Exclusion

  • Describing Sequences

  • Arithmetic And Geometric Sequences

  • Polynomial Fitting

  • Solving Recurrence Relations

  • Mathematical Induction

  • Propositional Logic

  • Proofs And Proving Techniques

  • Graph Theory Definitions

  • Trees

  • Planar Graphs

  • Coloring Graphs

  • Euler Paths And Circuits

  • Matching In Bipartite Graphs

  • Generating Functions

  • Number Theory


Videos: Watch engaging content involving interactive whiteboard lectures as I solve problems for every single math issue you’ll encounter in discrete math. We start from the beginning… I explain the problem setup and why I set it up that way, the steps I take and why I take them, how to work through the yucky, fuzzy middle parts, and how to simplify the answer when you get it.

Notes: The notes section of each lesson is where you find the most important things to remember. It’s like Cliff Notes for books, but for Discrete Math. Everything you need to know to pass your class and nothing you don’t.

Quizzes: When you think you’ve got a good grasp on a topic within a lecture, test your understanding with a quiz. If you pass, great! If not, you can review the videos and notes again or ask for help in the Q&A section.

Workbooks: Want even more practice? When you’ve finished the section, you can review everything you’ve learned by working through the bonus workbooks. These workbooks include 500+ extra practice problems (all with detailed solutions and explanations for how to get to those solutions), so they’re a great way to solidify what you just learned in that section.


  • Lifetime access to a free online Discrete Math textbook

  • Lifetime access to Master Discrete Math 2020

  • Friendly support in the Q&A section

  • Udemy Certificate of Completion available for download

So what are you waiting for? Learn Discrete Math in a way that will advance your career and increase your knowledge, all in a fun and practical way!

Will this course give you core discrete math skills?

Yes it will. There are a range of exciting opportunities for students who take Discrete Math. All of them require a solid understanding of Discrete Math, and that’s what you will learn in this course.

Why should you take this course?

Discrete Mathematics is the branch of mathematics dealing with objects that can assume only distinct, separated values. Discrete means individual, separate, distinguishable implying discontinuous or not continuous, so integers are discrete in this sense even though they are countable in the sense that you can use them to count. The term “Discrete Mathematics” is therefore used in contrast with “Continuous Mathematics,” which is the branch of mathematics dealing with objects that can vary smoothly (and which includes, for example, calculus). Whereas discrete objects can often be characterized by integers, continuous objects require real numbers.

Almost all middle or junior high schools and high schools across the country closely follow a standard mathematics curriculum with a focus on “Continuous Mathematics.” The typical sequence includes:

Pre-Algebra -> Algebra 1 -> Geometry -> Algebra 2/Trigonometry -> Precalculus -> Calculus Multivariable Calculus/Differential Equations

Discrete mathematics has not yet been considered a separate strand in middle and high school mathematics curricula. Discrete mathematics has never been included in middle and high school high-stakes standardized tests in the USA. The two major standardized college entrance tests: the SAT and ACT, do not cover discrete mathematics topics.

Discrete mathematics grew out of the mathematical sciences’ response to the need for a better understanding of the combinatorial bases of the mathematics used in the real world. It has become increasingly emphasized in the current educational climate due to following reasons:

Many problems in middle and high school math competitions focus on discrete math

Approximately 30-40% of questions in premier national middle and high school mathematics competitions, such as the AMC (American Mathematics Competitions), focus on discrete mathematics. More than half of the problems in the high level math contests, such as the AIME (American Invitational Mathematics Examination), are associated with discrete mathematics. Students not having enough knowledge and skills in discrete mathematics can’t do well on these competitions. Our AMC prep course curriculum always includes at least one-third of the studies in discrete mathematics, such as number theory, combinatorics, and graph theory, due to the significance of these topics in the AMC contests

You literally can’t lose. Ready to get started?

Enroll now using the “Add to Cart” button on the right, and get started on your way to becoming a master of Discrete Mathematics. Or, take this course for a free spin using the preview feature, so you know you’re 100% certain this course is for you.

See you on the inside (hurry, your Discrete Math class is waiting!)

👥 Who this course is for?

  • This course is for anyone who wants to learn about discrete mathematics
  • It’s perfect for complete beginners with zero experience in discrete mathematics
  • It’s also perfect for students who have a decent understanding of discrete mathematics but wish to learn even more advanced material
  • If you want to take ONE COURSE to learn everything you need to know about discrete mathematics


Enroll now in the Course to get

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📅 Full lifetime access to the course

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