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Redis – World’s Fastest Database – Beginners to Advance – 100% Free

Coupon Added/Updated On July 12, 2020
Redis – World’s Fastest Database – Beginners to Advance – 100% Free


Learn Real world Production Scenarios



Vikas Kumar Jha, Poonam Jha



  • ✑ This course does not require any prior experience.
  • ✑ However, Some prior experience of working with Linux and Key Value DB can help in understanding course faster.



  • ✑ Deep dive into Redis Database
  • ✑ Installing Redis on online/offline mode
  • ✑ Redis Performance Benchmarking
  • ✑ Redis persistence configuration – Backup and Restore using RDB and AOF
  • ✑ Writing Python Program to Interact with Redis
  • ✑ Writing Different Datasets to Redis – Redis Datatypes
  • ✑ Understanding TTL (Time to Live) or Key Expiry in Redis
  • ✑ Creating and using counters
  • ✑ Deep Dive in String, Lists and Hashes type operation
  • ✑ Creating a subset from a bigger set Redis
  • ✑ Setting up Redis Replication (Master + Slave) – Development or Demo Scenario
  • ✑ Redis Replication Production Setup using Dedicated Master and Slave Servers. Performing a Failover when Master Server is down from non-recoverable issue. Setting up new master on the fly and pointing slave to this new master server.
  • ✑ Redis High Availability in Production with Sentinels on Three Servers (Automatic Failover)
  • ✑ Redis Clustering, Pros and Cons



  • ✑ Students with Bigdata or Data Science Technologies
  • ✑ Students with Willingness to learn about Fastest In Memory Database Technologies
  • ✑ Anyone who wants to work on real production like environment setup for Redis and do a deep dive in understanding Redis



🏅 Certificate of Completion
📹 6 hours on-demand video
📅 Full lifetime access to the course


💰 COURSE PRICE: $0 $199.99

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